Sunday, December 1, 2013


Heya, Jammers!
Well, long time no see but it looks like I'm back to Animal Jam blogging. I hope none of you have stopped following during my break or will stop commenting. D: 
Anyways, I had started playing Animal Jam more and decided to blog about it again. But I'm not gonna be like "Hey, today's daily item is ________" because EVERY blog does that, and I want this blog to be more unique. I'll post everything else - glitches, rares, guides, etc.
My main animal will be Eternal Icygem, a wolf.

So yeah, you'll probably see me around as this animal.
Again, please comment on this blog. I never get any comments and it makes it feel like I'm talking to myself and getting ignored. If you're not commenting because posts on here aren't appearing on your dashboard, unfollow and re-follow this blog.
Once again, thanks, and I hope I'll have some active followers.
Jam on,


  1. can i buddy u :3 and btw what happened to ur last two story blogs?

  2. Nice Blog.

  3. Nice Blog! I just found it, and I think it will be awesome! ^.^

  4. I love your Blog! I mean, i just found it -- but it looks awesome already! ^.^

    1. R chu like, da REAL Winterpetal on AJ?? WE USE TO BE BUDDIES!! Remembah Cup and cake?? Dat went o youtube and has.... like... 16 hits!!! WAT HAPPENED??

    2. And chu, GREATSHOT, get to posting -.- jk ur blog is awesome the way it is!!

  5. I love this blog! Please buddy me- I am ebecker3343.

  6. I am loving the blog music! ;D

  7. Are you ever going to post?

  8. I thought you completely deleted it, but it just didn't show up on your profile!


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