Saturday, July 16, 2016


so i just went on animal jam to see how things have been
and what has this game come to
like do these people not go to church

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Main Blog

I would appreciate it so much if you guys followed or commented on my new main blog! :)
The blog is called "Megan's Musings" - Megan is my real name - and I post rants, stories, journal entries about my day and tons more!
So if you like fandom-related posts, funny posts, short stories and debating, go to this blog!
or Click Here!

I'll be a lot more active on there than here (duh), so if you want to talk to me or hang out or whatever, go to that blog!
Thank you guys so much.

Your friend,

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Heya, Jammers!
Well, long time no see but it looks like I'm back to Animal Jam blogging. I hope none of you have stopped following during my break or will stop commenting. D: 
Anyways, I had started playing Animal Jam more and decided to blog about it again. But I'm not gonna be like "Hey, today's daily item is ________" because EVERY blog does that, and I want this blog to be more unique. I'll post everything else - glitches, rares, guides, etc.
My main animal will be Eternal Icygem, a wolf.

So yeah, you'll probably see me around as this animal.
Again, please comment on this blog. I never get any comments and it makes it feel like I'm talking to myself and getting ignored. If you're not commenting because posts on here aren't appearing on your dashboard, unfollow and re-follow this blog.
Once again, thanks, and I hope I'll have some active followers.
Jam on,